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23 Mar 2023        182

A chimney is no doubt one of the most used builds in your house. But, blockages in a chimney are a very common problem. It is a dangerous situation, since this prevents the flow of harmful gases outside. If ignored, this may contaminate the very air you breathe or a flame may cause the entire house to burn down. 

Although you too can clean chimney yourself, but, you won’t be able to match the level of professional residential deep cleaning services in Gurgaon. Moreover, cleaning a chimney by yourself is a hazardous and tedious job, which is why it is a lot better for your home if you get an expert to take a look, as some other problems might also be found.

Causes for Chimney Blockage:

Fireplaces are a beauty to look at and their cleaning is something any homeowner can do. The chimney however is another story. Their cleaning has many factors to take into and many things that might happen to it. 

Here are a few reasons why your chimney may be blocked and why you should immediately call an expert to take a look.

● Soot — This is another byproduct of the burning of wood. It contains cancer causing elements and may corrode certain parts of the chimney. It should be removed as soon as possible as it may contaminate the air. 
● Obstructions — since your chimney is open to the house and outside, there may be obstructions of leaves, dead rodents and/or birds.
● Dirty damper — A damper should be opened when a chimney is in use, until the gases completely flow out of the air passage. Closed dampers may restrict the airflow of smoke. A dirty damper is the first sign that you should clean your chimney or at least get it inspected.
● Chimney flue build-up — The flue is one of the places where the most intense cleaning happens. This is because most of the soot and creosote collects there. Flue may require cleaning and inspections as they are likely to be cracked. Cracks in the flue may let harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, in your home. Since a flue covers the combustible parts of your home, a cracked flue might also make these parts of your house in the danger of fire. 

Who to call for Chimney Cleaning?

It is understandable if you would like to get your chimney cleaned professionally. Having your chimney cleaned by an expert is perhaps the best way. If you would like your chimney cleaned in the best and safest way possible, contact reach to Balaji Deep Cleaning Agency. We provide professional deep cleaning services in Gurgaon.


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