Pest Control During Winter

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During the winter season, many species go into hibernation to conserve their energy. Similarly, many pests also follow a similar pattern, generally called diapause. During this phase, pests take shelter in burrows, tree trunks, wooden logs and even in homes. They restrict their movement and pause their breeding process.


Diapause becomes a headache for homeowners as pests do not require food anymore, so homeowner’s all efforts to get rid of pests go in vain.

Common Pests Found in Homes During Winters

Easy supply of food and a warm atmosphere lures pests to take shelter in homes. As a result, several common pests spend their diapause phase in homes. Some of the common pests are:


You can easily find rodents around your home during winters. The warmth of the house attracts them so rats and mice make their holes within home walls and feast on kitchen items.


Cockroaches like warm and moist environments, which they easily get in homes. Ample supply of food, cozy household environment serve immense possibilities to spend their diapause period comfortably.


This is a less than a half inch pest that takes shelter in humid places like newspaper piles, wallpaper, cupboards, bookshelves etc.


The problem of pests is serious as these pests prey on many unwanted dangerous reptiles like snakes. So snakes easily start entering homes in search of food.

Ways to Prevent Pest during Winters

Pest control is an ideal way to keep these pests at bay. Apart from this, there are some other ways too.


  • Seal the entry points of pests like cracks, holes, crevices, and drains. This will make their entry difficult.
  • Warmth, moist and easy accessibility make an ideal habitat for pests during winter. So make sure to store all food items away from the reach of pests.
  • Rodents easily enter homes through doors, duct areas etc. So keep all these entry points completely shut.


Pest Control Services

Professional pest control services are an ideal way for pest control. These pest control service providers are experts in removing different types of pests, that you can not achieve yourself with mats or sprays.

Finding trouble with Pests?

If you are also experiencing pest influx in your house, you can reach us for help. We offer professional pest control services in Gurgaon. You will find our pest control service reliable, affordable and professional. We use eco-friendly pesticides that do not put any adverse effects on family members and pets. To book an appointment with our team, reach us.



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