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Useful Tips by a Leading Office Deep Cleaning Company

Your office break rooms are a great space for employees to connect. It helps organisations in building close-knitted office communities that engage staff in productive brainstorming sessions. This place is also used for coffee, meal breaks, and small office parties. While this is a great place and reflects the company culture, it can be the place that spreads the most infections.

No one likes a place that is full of food crumbs, greasy stains, and odours. A clean and hygienic break room helps employees relax without having to worry about catching an infection.

How office deep cleaning company can help in office break room cleaning?

Our cleaning experts from Balaji office deep cleaning services provide quality deep office cleaning services. Our team efficiently cleans dirt from hidden corners, rugs, sofa cushions, coffee tables and microwaves. We make sure to leave stainless, germ-free and odourless break rooms behind.

Here are some of the useful tips you can advise your daily cleaning staff to implement for a better routine cleaning.

Tips for Cleaning Sofas

Your sofa is a magnet for food crumbs and stains. No matter how careful a person is while having food sitting on the sofa, some spillovers and crumbs are bound to be left behind. Not to forget the contribution of office or team parties, that too leave lasting stains on the sofas.

Try these tricks on sofas to make them stain-proof:

  • Use a dry brush to loosen stains and bring dust and dirt to the surface.
  • Use a vacuum to remove crumbs and other loose particles.
  • Baking soda is an effective cleaning agent. Sprinkling baking soda helps in removing odours and stains from the sofa.
  • Use the steamer on the sofa. After steaming, allow the sofa to air dry. Lastly, vacuum again to remove loose dirt or stains.
  • A mix of vinegar and water can be sprayed on the stain. Dab the spill with a dry microfiber towel.

Removal of deep-rooted stains requires a different process. A cleaner made with vinegar, soap, and warm water might help. But it would be best to call our deep office cleaning service experts to help out.

Tips for Cleaning Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is quite popular in break rooms. They give the room an elegant and aesthetic look,  but get stained and dirty easily. They quickly absorb oil and become greasy if not cleaned properly.

Try this trick to clean wooden furniture:

  • Use a dry cloth to wipe off all the dust and dry stain.
  • Clean with a mix of water and vinegar for stubborn stains. 
  • Use a soft brush and non-gel toothpaste on the crevices.
  • Lastly, wipe off all the moisture from the furniture using a soft dry cloth.

Tips for Cleaning Carpets

Carpets give break rooms an attractive appeal. It gives a tremendous underfoot feel and helps with sound insulation. But carpets get easily stained with food spills, and food may get trampled in by people walking over.

Try this trick for cleaning carpets:

  • Baking soda cleans out the stains from the carpet.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda on the patches and wait a while. Then vacuum the carpet to remove the stains.


But baking soda does not help every time. Depending on carpet fibre, a professional carpet cleaning and office deep cleaning service company can offer the perfect solution and get your carpet back in its best shape.


Taking Care of Minute Details

Many break rooms have entertainment systems, indoor games, fancy lighting, etc. These tend to gather dust over time. Ceiling and corners can gather dust and cobwebs over time. Paying attention to these while cleaning is essential. A clean and hygienic break room will give the best experience to the employees.

Need Help with Office Cleaning Services?

We at Balaji Deep Office Cleaning services have a seasoned team of professional office cleaners who have dealt with various cleaning problems. Call us to find out about deep cleaning services in Gurgaon and how our team of experts can help you get your break room crisp, clean and hygienic in a quick time.


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