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24 Jul 2022        693

A deep office cleaning agency that provides the deep cleaning service in Gurgaon is sharing insights on cleaning requirements in hybrid office models.

Since 2020, COVID has forced firms to shift from regular office days to work-from-home (WFH). There were initial doubts about WFH affecting employee productivity. But, studies have proven that there is no effect on employee productivity while working from home.

Although the COVID cases have ceased, many firms continue with WFH models.WFH model is appreciated as it allows employees personal space and family time. They save on travel time and fuel costs. Avoid the stress of travelling through traffic congestions and overcrowded public transport systems.

Not all lines of businesses can go remote. Office cleaning service firms like ours, don’t have the option for WFH. Deep cleaning service can’t be done over a video call.

Transformation to Hybrid Working Model

Firms have adopted a hybrid work model. Employees don't need to be in the office daily. This allows a better work-life balance as well as in-person collaboration with co-workers.

That gets us thinking about office cleaning in a hybrid work scenario. Should firms maintain the existing office cleaning schedule? Or is a change required?

Office Deep Cleaning Challenges with Hybrid Model

We suggest that it is essential to maintain the same cleaning schedule, even if you have a hybrid work culture. Hybrid or not, dirt and dust will still accumulate on different surfaces at your office.  Let us tell you why we think you should continue with regular cleaning schedules.

Do you think fewer people in the office means less dust and dirt? Well, you are mistaken.

Dirt and dust aren’t working from home. Dirt and Dust are still coming to your office, even if you are not.

Deep Office Cleaning Agency’s Insights

Our experience while deep cleaning rooms locked up for a long time is that they still gather dust and cobwebs. Dust particles, pollens, air pollutants, loose fibres from carpets, and small bits of paper make their way into the room.

Dust settles on office furniture and carpets and accumulates as there is no one to brush it away. Imagine having a dirty office when going back to having in-person meetings or interviews. Unclean offices will undoubtedly leave a poor impression.

Even if fewer employees are coming to the office, they can still bring in dirt and dust in the office. They will also use office facilities like toilets and pantry/canteen.

A regular office cleaning service in Gurgaon schedule is required even if you are in hybrid work mode.

The COVID Threat Still Lingers

People are still contracting COVID and getting hospitalised.

We feel that hybrid work mode is here to stay. Should COVID cases rise again, the firms should ensure a clean and hygienic workplace for their employees.

Infected people may not show symptoms but can spread the virus. Contracting COVID can lead not only to loss of work but also affect long-term health.

Hence, we feel deep office cleaning shouldn’t be reduced. Plan cleaning around the employee work timings. Maybe before a planned work day or work shift.

Regular cleaning reduces the chances of the viral spread between hybrid working teams coming in at different times.

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